monkey wrench with arish singh

Art by Lev Cantoral

Art by Lev Cantoral


FEBRUARY 4, 2019


Monkey Wrench with Arish Singh is a live comedy show that's little more than a leftist plot against the ruling class and the world view they underwrite. The show is hosted and produced by Arish Singh and co-produced by Julia Dratel (yrs truly). It currently occurs monthly at beloved Chicago venue the Hideout as part of their Comedy Mondays programming.

Monkey Wrench has been going for over a year now and has featured guests like Jamie Loftus, Jake Flores, PREACH, The Onion writers union members Devin Schiff and Caitlyn Penzey Moog, Ruby Pinto of For the People Artist Collective, Reyna Wences & Arianna Salgado of Organized Communities Against Deportations, Holly Krig of Chicago Community Bond Fund, Felix Biederman of Chapo Trap House, as well as regular appearances from local comics like Erin Grotheer (We Still Like You), Devin Schiff (The Onion), Dan Davis (Clickhole), Max Thomas (Second City/PREACH), Kaitlyn Grissom (IWW), Nicky Martin (Chicago Underground Comedy), Lukey Walden, and Ashley Ray (Limestone, AV Club). In the meantime our host Arish Singh has also opened for nationally known comics like Hari Kondabolu, appeared in Netflix's Easy, and gone viral with his Slavoj Zizek/Apu Simpsons spoof. We also produced a massive & sold out special during the Democratic Socialists of America conference in 2017 at Elastic Arts, and have raised funds for a wide variety of left organizations like the DSA, Lysistrata Fund, Chicago Community Bond Fund, For The People Artists Collective, Mothers United Against Violence and Incarceration, Sex Workers Organizing Project, Raise the Floor, #NoCopAcademy, and a fund for Yemeni war relief. 

In summer 2018, I also produced a comedy showcase at the Book Fort at Pitchfork Music Festival that featured Arish and several of our regular performers.